Fiberglass Showers

Why Replace? Repair and Refinish – Affordable Fiberglass Repair is here!

Fiberglass or Acrylic can be repaired if they are damaged. Repairs can be color matched or your entire fiberglass shower or shower base can be recolored to any color of your choosing.

There is no need to worry about replacing your fiberglass surround or shower base because we can repair any damage. Cracks, holes, chips, cigarette burns, whatever the damage is, we can fix it!

Before beginning the repair, we will determine what caused the damage and whether repairing only the damage is sufficient. In some cases, the shower floor may not be supported properly when installed or the floor becomes flexible due to its age and use. In other cases, we may suggest not falling in the shower or standing on the rails to paint the ceiling.

If your floor needs support, we can correct the issue without the construction mess! Before we begin the repair, we inject foam that solidifies and supports the fiberglass shower floor. After that step is complete, we begin the work of the fiberglass repair and finish with a new color matched surface. The new support cannot be crushed by standing on it, therefore providing you with a long-lasting repair.

When it is necessary to remove a section of the fiberglass shower to access the plumbing in the wall, we can repair the damage and seal it with the same color as the shower. Or if you simply want to convert your dual shower handle to a single handle, we can help by repairing the holes and refinishing the surface with the same color to match! Or if you want to change your one handle system to a two handled shower system, we can do that too!

Omaha Refinishing chooses a proprietary acrylicized polyurethane to refinish your fiberglass tub surround or shower base. Our coating excels beyond comparison on fiberglass surfaces. After thoroughly preparing the fiberglass surface, we apply multiple layers of coating. The chemical interaction between the coating and the fiberglass surface will create a chemical heat, allowing our acrylicized polyurethane to melt to the existing finish. This bond allows for contractions resulting from cold and hot water splashed onto the surface, especially around drains. Our coating does not peel or chip from fiberglass surfaces because of this chemical interaction.

Our Slip Resistant Application is applied bottom of your Fiberglass Bathtub or Shower Base at no cost to you.

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