Acrylic Showers

Refinishing your Acrylic Shower is the way to bring back the sparkle in your bathroom!

Acrylic shower surrounds and shower bases are durable material but they too can be damaged. Instead of replacing, you should consider repairing. We can repair the damage and apply our color matching acrylicized polyurethane. Our process gives you the ability to use your shower the very next day!

If your problem is only the color, this too can be changed in less than one day. We suggest your shower should match the toilet and sink in the same bathroom. Any color you choose, we can do it for you!

It is not necessary to live with a damaged acrylic tub showers because of the cost of replacing. Holes, cracks or chips can be repaired in a few hours at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Need to convert your two handle shower to a single handle shower? No problem, we can repair the existing holes to make them disappear. The same for converting a one handle shower to a hot and cold water shower handle system. We are able to repair and refinish to match the color of your shower. If you prefer, we can refinish the entire shower in the color of your choice!

Sometimes acrylic or fiberglass surrounds or shower bases are poorly installed and lack sufficient support. Sagging shower floors can be supported to ensure the repair will give you many more years of use. Without any construction mess, we can provide structure underneath. We inject foam that expands and solidifies, maximizing the repair of acrylic or fiberglass shower floor. The foam does not break down or crush allowing for many years of use without worry!

When we seal our repair, we apply a proprietary acrylicized polyurethane. The coating will melt to the repair via a chemical reaction, giving you a color matched repair invisible to the naked eye. The chemical heat from our coating onto your acrylic shower surface will prevent chipping or peeling.

Omaha Refinishing’s Slip Resistant Application will be applied to the acrylic tub shower floor or shower pan with no additional cost.

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