Refinishing your Tub Shower is the best
way to brighten and renew your bathroom!

Refinishing your Tub Shower is an excellent way to upgrade your bathroom. Whether the Shower is hard to clean or lost its luster, you will be find good value in applying a new finish. Recolor your Tub Shower in a few short hours and be able to use it the very next day!

Cracked or holes in your fiberglass or acrylic bathtubs or surrounds can be repaired. Small holes, tiny chips, scratches and cigarette burns can be repaired to be invisible to the eye.

Shower floors that are cracking due to lack of support can be reinforced, repaired and refinished!

Omaha Refinishing chooses acrylic polyurethanes to professionally refinish your Tub Shower. We have used these coatings exclusively for over 15 years. Our coating excels beyond comparison on fiberglass surfaces.

Our coatings create a chemical heat that allows the acrylicized polyurethane to melt to the existing finish. This bond allows for contractions resulting from cold and hot water splashed onto the surface. Our coating does not peel or chip from fiberglass surfaces because of this chemical interaction. We are proud of our process and our product and would not use anything less in our own home.

Our Slip Resistant Application will be applied to the bottom of your Tub Shower at no cost.

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