Shower Bases

Shower Base Hard to Clean or Dull? Refinish and Save 50-80% over Replacing!

Replacing a Shower Base is not a fun job nor is it a cheap project. Shower Bases that have lost their shine, dingy, or damaged can be repaired and refinished in any color of your choice! Refinishing your shower pan is an instant way to spruce up your bathroom!

Fiberglass or acrylic shower bases with cracks, scratches or holes can be repaired prior to refinishing. Large cracks on the floor due to dropped tools or hardware are reinforced withnew fiberglass. If the cracking is due to lack of support underneath the shower base, for much less than replacing, we can reinforce the pan.

After the repair on the shower base is performed, Omaha Refinishing will apply multiple coats of our proprietary coating. The chemical heat created between the fiberglass or acrylic allows our acyrlicized Polyurethane to ‘melt’ to the existing finish. This bond allows us to guarantee our coating will not chip or peel from your shower pan. Hot and cold water splashed on the shower base will not affect your finish common with epoxies or enamels. This proprietary product and process is the best way to restore your home.

In addition, Our Slip Resistant Application will be applied to the floor of your Shower Base at no cost.

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