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Do you have another bathtub refinished by another refinisher that is peeling or is cracking around the drain?

Options to consider for a previously reglazed, refinished or painted bathtub, counter or sink:

A – Paint over it
B – Sand it off
C – Live with it
D – Start Over with Omaha Refinishing

We do not recommend painting over the existing finish. The new finish will only last as long as the bond is good of the original finish. Generally if the refinisher is proceeding with painting over a previously refinished bathtub, they will not guarantee their finish. This may be a costly mistake and create a big mess for those using these tubs.

Another way of removing most of the paint on a bathtub is by sanding it or using a sander. However it does not guarantee the paint will be removed entirely, leaving the newly applied paint at the mercy of the paint film underneath. This is also a very dusty option for the people living in the home. This may be harmful if your bathtub is leaching lead.

We strongly recommend chemically removing the finish. Not only does this ensure a complete removal of the previous finish, this will prevent the paint from becoming airborne and dusting up your home.

After removing the paint from the surface and the area is protected securely, an ORC technician will chemically adhere six coats of the most advanced polymerized acrylic urethane. The process, the preparation and the product we use will give you a renewed bathtub or tub shower with a long lasting and glossy finish for many years.

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