Porcelain Tubs and Sinks can be restored using our proprietary refinishing method!

Porcelain refinishing or porcelain reglazing is a term used for refinishing a bathtub or pedestal sink. Essentially by restoring your porcelain pedestal sink or bathtub, you will be painting a glass surface.

If you are seeking a way to re-enamel or re-porcelain your bathtub or sink, know that the bathtub would need to be removed from the home to bake the new finish onto the cast iron. This would not be cost effective. It would be much less expensive to replace your bathtub if you decided to remove the old tub.

The bathtubs or sinks in your home are most likely were created with better quality materials than what is sold nowadays. It makes sense to re-use what we already own. That is how we can help you! Why Replace? Refinish or Less!

No more baby blue, spring green or flamingo pink – You can choose your new color from any color you can imagine! No need to replace your toilet or sink either, we are able to match the color. Not only will your bathroom be upgraded and modernized in one short day, but at a fraction of the cost of replacing!

A Slip Resistant application will be applied to the bottom of your refinished bathtub for no additional cost.

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