Our Process

Tub Restoration and Countertop Refinishing beautifies your home in one day or less!

Tub Refinishing and Bathtub Reglazing can be completed with a do it yourself bathtub refinishing kit. However, the process to apply these products is the old primer, epoxies and enamel paint. This will work for a little while but these tend to crack and peel, especially around the drain. Omaha Refinishing uses a proprietary process along with a coating that is second to none.

Complex Product, Simple Process

  1. The surface is cleaned using a three-step process to remove soap film, oils, and hard-water deposits.
  2. Chips, cracks and/or other damage will be repaired.
  3. After the surface is thoroughly repaired and the area is protected securely, an ORC technician will chemically adhere six coats of the most advanced polymerized acrylic urethane.

By the next day, you may begin to enjoy the new strong, lustrous finish for many years to come!

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