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Affordable Laminated Counter Restoration; Granite, Speckle and Solid Colors.

Laminate (such as Formica® brand) is not only possible, but very durable when performed by Omaha Refinishing. Our unique and proprietary process allows our product to chemically adhere to laminate. This prevents chipping or normal wear and tear from deteriorating the surface.

We apply our counter acrylicized polyurethane coating to your laminate surface providing you a new finish that will be easier to clean and bacterial resistant. Omaha Refinishing’s coating creates a chemical heat that allows our polymerized acrylic coating to bond to the existing finish. Our unique process utilizes ‘cross-linking’, which is the molecules of the applied coating bonding with the molecules of the original surface. This inhibits penetration by bacteria or other impurities, which can compromise the finish.

If your kitchen laminate countertops suffered damage from a burning pot, used as a cutting board, or even discolored and out-of-style – we can restore and recolor in just a day, able to be used the next! This is a great idea for wanting to renew without the construction mess or length of replacing those sturdy counters that you already have in place!

Care of the renewed laminate is easy. We recommend using a dish detergent such as Dawn® brand. No scrubbing is necessary. If scouring the countertop is needed, allow the water and detergent to do the work and allow it to soak prior to wiping the counter.

Granite, Speckle or Solid Colors are available. We have a variety of sample refinished counters in our showroom. You are welcome to come by and take a peek at most of the transformations we can offer you for your counters!

If you prefer an in-home estimate, an Omaha Refinishing Representative can assist in measuring your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

We give you a 12 month no questions guarantee on all of our countertop refinishing!
Affordable Laminated Counter Restoration; Granite, Speckle and Solid Colors.

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