Refinishing Bathtubs, Counters or Showers in any color imaginable! Why Replace?

When repairing and refinishing a porcelain bathtub, ceramic tile, laminated countertops, fiberglass shower surrounds or acrylic shower bases, you will want to have coatings applied specifically designed for this purpose. Anything less will only cause issues sooner or later.

The proprietary acrylic polyurethane used by Omaha Refinishing is the envy of restoration professionals. Our coating tests about 40% more durable than most other reglazing companies! In combination with proper preparation of the surface prior to refinishing, its not a wonder why we can guarantee our work with no questions asked!

Omaha Refinishing’s coating creates a chemical heat that allows our polymerized acrylic coating to bond to the existing finish. Our unique process utilizes ‘cross-linking’, which is the molecules of the applied coating bonding with the molecules of the original surface. This inhibits penetration by bacteria or other impurities, which can compromise the finish.

Typically, other refinishing companies use epoxies or enamels on your bathtub or shower. These paints were used regularly for reglazing bathtubs about 20 years ago. Usually these required heat lamps to bake the paint onto the bathtub. The finishes became hard and brittle after a few years and were susceptible to chips and cracking, especially around the drain.

Now that heat lamps are a notch in the history of tub and countertop refinishing, flash times have decreased allowing refinishers to speed up their process. Many of the major franchises offering products to their franchisees still cannot match the flash time and durability of our coatings!

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