Baked Enamel

Refinishing your Bathtub and Sinks increases the value of your home!

Baked Enamel refinishing or Enameled Steel reglazing is a term used for refinishing a bathtub, appliances, or sinks. Essentially by restoring your baked enamel sink or tub, you will be painting a glass surface, similar to porcelain.

If you are seeking a way to re-enamel or re-porcelain your bathtub or sink, they would need to be removed from the home to bake the new powder coat applied to the metal or steel. This is not cost effective for your project. If you chose this option, it is likely because the item has a sentimental value to you. Choosing to replace the bathtub would be far less time consuming and much less labor and transportation costs. Our method of restoring a new finish to your bathtub or sink is far less than both of these options.

Typically enameled metal tubs and sinks tend to be white. However, you do not have to be stuck with the color; you can choose any color you want to change the look of your bathroom! We can also refinish the entire sink or tub to match other items in your bathroom. The ideas and options are endless!

Damaged enamel can be repaired and will be matched for an invisible spot repair. Worried about not being able to bathe for a few days? Chips, Scratches, or shattered baked enamel can be repaired and refinished in just a few hours and used the next morning!

If you decide to refinish the entire
bathtub, or just the bottom of your bathtub, we will apply a slip resistant application to the floor at no cost.

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