Bathtub Refinishing is a great way
to increase the value of your home.

Bathtub Refinishing is an easy way to renew the look of an entire bathroom. Change the color in just one short day. You may have a harvest gold, avocado green, hot pink or a sky blue bathtub and we can recolor to any color you can imagineā€¦ or simply white.

A glossy new bathtub is just the right thing your bathroom needs to brighten the room. Our bathtub coating reflects light much better than your old bathtub.

Refinishing a bathtub will save you hundreds of dollars versus replacing. Besides, new bathtubs are typically lesser quality than the bathtub you already own! Why Replace? Refinish for less! Much Less!

When refinishing your bathtub, be assured we will not be leaving any construction mess for you to clean! In fact, we will be completed with refinishing your bathtub in a couple of hours. You will be able to use your newly refinished bathtub the next day!

We use Omaha Refinishing to refinish all of our bathtubs and showers throughout our apartment complex. [ORC] offers high quality services at a very reasonable price! I highly recommend them for all of your refinishing needs!
-Highland Park, Omaha

After your bathtub has been refinished, you will notice you will not have to scrub your tub! Cleaning your refinished bathtub will never be easier.

Omaha Refinishing uses a high volume spray system with virtually no overspray. We are cautious and protect the area to ensure your tile, surrounds, floor or walls are protected.

A Slip Resistant application will be applied to the bottom of your refinished bathtub for no additional cost.

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