Omaha Refinishing has been a Better Business Bureau accredited business since 2006
and actively maintains an A+ rating. Click here for more information.

Bathtub Refinishing is an easy way to renew the look of an entire bathroom. Change the color in just one short day....Read More

Refinishing your Tub Shower is a great way to upgrade your bathroom. Whether the Shower is hard to clean or lost its luster, you'll find solid value in applying a new finish...Read More

You can change the look of your kitchen without the construction mess! Countertops can be refinished in just one day and usable the next day...Read More

Cracked or chipped ceramic tile can be repaired and restored to its original color. We also can do the same if you need to replace your tile with a mismatched color tile...Read More

The bathtubs or sinks in your home are most likely were created with better quality materials than what is sold nowadays. It makes sense to re-use what we already own...Read More

If your bathroom laminate countertops suffered damage from a burn marks or are discolored and out-of-style – we can restore and recolor in just a day..Read More

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